Sharm-el Sheikh, Egypt

We had a week to kill between a work event in Dubai and another one in Cairo. We decided to go to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Sharm is. a resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt. We had to fly into Cairo from Dubai and take a short jump flight to Sharm’s tiny airport. Our driver arranged through the hotel was waiting for us outside the terminal.

We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort. This is one of the most beautiful resorts I have visited (and I have visited quite a few)! The physical set-up — the buildings, landscaping, hardscaping, is stunning! You really feel like you are in a paradise. Exotic plants and flowers are abundant. We got a one bedroom villa. It was close to the spa and not too far from the main hotel housing reception and several of the restaurants. There are little plazas throughout the villas with cute little fountains. If you aren’t up to walking to and from the beach below, they have an adorable funicular resembling a street car that can carry you and your belongings.

Because COVID was still pretty active in Egypt, we chose to avoid close contact with the other guests. That was not too difficult. We were able to obtain outdoor seating at all the restaurants and cabanas with sun beds apart from other people.

One of the really great things about this Four Seasons Resort is that it is on an underwater wildlife preserve. You can simply walk out to the end of the private pier, don your snorkeling gear, and see tons of amazing tropical fish and other sea creatures. A school of lion fish hang out at the end of the pier. Be careful not to touch them, though! We would sunbathe a bit, snorkel for 30 minutes or so, warm up in the sun for another while, and repeat. We rented the snorkel gear right at the dive shop on the beach and the price was very reasonable. Although we didn’t go out, the dive shop also offers snorkeling and dive trips from a boat, right from the same beach.

The resort has several nice restaurants. The Italian restaurant in the main hotel was very good and the service was great. But the seafood restaurant, on a cliff overlooking the Red Sea, is magical! The view is amazing, the wait staff very attentive, and the food magnificent. One night they had a special where you could pick out your fresh, raw whole fish or shrimp or lobster from a cart and then they would prepare it for you how you liked it (grilled, steamed, fried, etc.) The atmosphere on the terrace is very relaxing and romantic. We went back two more nights because it was so nice.

One night we decided to explore away from the resort grounds. Less than a mile from the Four Seasons Gate there is an area they call Soho Plaza. It is relatively new, within the last 15 years or so. Soho Plaza has restaurants, shops, a movie theater, and other things to see and do. We were there in late November and they had it decorated for New Year and sort of a generic, non-sectarian winter holiday theme, such as evergreen trees with crescents and stars, and giant wine goblets, all lit up. We enjoyed a pleasant stroll around the area.

Our week at the Four Seasons Sharm el Sheikh was truly amazing! It was relaxing, fun, and we felt very pampered and looked-after. We were quite sad when it was time to depart for Cairo. We can’t wait to return!

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